keskiviikko 13. maaliskuuta 2013

Jamaican Mail

I've got some letters to show you and this one is from Jamaica!

Alecia sent me a letter. I noticed that I didn't take a picture of the whole envelope. But these are the pics I took.

Stamp with Bob Marley on it

Alecia's pretty drawings!

It seems that these are a pictures of our dogs! They look just like them!! <3 :)

Picture of the other stamp. Someone had opened the letter so the Jamaica Customs tape is glued on the top of the  stamp.

I love matryoshkas!

This was so pretty drawing! I love the colours!

so pretty <3

And the view in this card... I'm so jealous! It's been almost -30c degrees outside last night.

I think this was the reason why they had opened the letter in the customs. I've never seen a coin with that shape! :)

From that coin I remembered one of my necklaces

This is made of old Finnish coins (10p and 50p). These coins were used before the year 2002. Since that we have used Euros here in Finland. I got this necklace from our summer holiday trip to Iisalmi 3 years ago. It's handmade by Laurase.

I have also written some letters but I haven't got photos of them. I've been ill and I haven't been able to go to work this week so today I think I will have time for letter writing.