tiistai 26. helmikuuta 2013

postcrossing cards

 I've got some pictures in my camera which I was planning to publish here but again my camera's USB cable got lost... So no posts of incoming and outgoing mail yet.

But I've got 2 postcrossing cards which I wanted to show you. I got them over 6 months ago but I forgot to post them here.

The one with the lighthouse is from Candy who lives in Taiwan and the other with the map is from Amber who lives in Hong Kong. Amber wrote that se bought the card from Chengdu. I love both of the cards! I would like to frame some cards and put them to our wall.

These are the stamps from Candy's card. My first Taiwanese stamps!

And these are the ones that Amber used. I love the bird, it's so beautiful!

I try to find the cable so I could post some of my letters soon!

perjantai 8. helmikuuta 2013

This week's incomings and a bit candy! ;)

I wanted to show you this week´s incoming mail!

First one:

Tiara from Indonesia sent me a letter! I've got only pictures of the envelope because I forgot to photograph the letter.

Indonesian stamps :)

Tiara did draw this cute giraffe to her letter! <3

And another one:

This letter I got from Kelly (Malaysia).

Stamps and air mail label from Kelly's letter!

 Kelly sent me 2 postcards, these super cute paper sheets and stickers! I love them! <3

This is picture I took from the backside of the postcards

And this is Kelly's letter! I love the paper she used because I'm a knitter! :D

This one I forgot to post earlier:

I got a card from Tatiana from Russia. She's my new postcard pal. I got this last week and it took over 2 weeks to the card to get here from Moscow.

 I also posted Februay's card to Kotona yesterday.

It says Warm Greetings at Valentine's Day!

This is a Plan card and it didn't need a stamp. I usually don't like to send pre-paid postcards but this one was pretty! I hope Kotona likes it too...

I also had to buy some candy...

Pirate coins! These were last sold in the end of the 80's and now they're back! Thank you Fazer! <3

We're going to go to the movies today with my fiancé so probably I need to buy another bag of these...

Hopefully I've got time to post on Sunday my outgoing mail. Tomorrow we're going to Helsinki to Boat Expo so no posts on Saturday...

Have a nice weekend!! <3

torstai 7. helmikuuta 2013

Something outgoing and new shoppings

I didn't go to work yesterday and today because I haven't been feeling very well... That gave me some time to write letters!

The first one is here:

This is what I sent

The stamp I used

Little My- tea bag

Little My- postcard

My drawing in the letter

A picture of my favourite Moomin mug on the envie

And the letter ready for the post office

Last weekend I visited in Kouvola with my fiancé. We went to a new shopping mall called Veturi. There was a shop which sells all kinds of crafting supplies.
My fiancé bought me these:

Matryoshka- and mail stamps! <3

And these I bought to my sister:

A package of key-charms. She loves old keys so I thought that these would be perfect for her... She is going to move to an old house in the countryside with her fiancé so maybe she could craft something nice to their new home using these vintage style keys! :)

And some new stamps I had to buy last week too:

I think that these are quite cute! :)