lauantai 26. tammikuuta 2013

January mail

I wanted to show you the mail I've received during the past three weeks! :)

Stefanie (Belgium) sent me a long letter and cute card!

Sonja from Germany sent me a lovely letter with penguins! :)

Stamps from Sonja's letter

She's learning Finnish! I studied German for five years when I was at school. I haven't used German for over 10 years so my language is a bit rusty...

From Julia (Belarus) I got letter and a postcard!

 The card

 Stamp from Julia's letter

 Disney's Timon and Pumba sticker from the letter! I love Disney movies and Lion King was one of my favourites when I was a child.

Letter from Joanne (Japan). I think that the paper and envelope are very pretty!

The stamps from Joanne's letter

 A cat shaped paper clip! This was so pretty that I had to put it to my calendar! <3

Japanese air mail sticker

Letter from Rollo (China)

Stamps from Rollo's letter

Sticker that was on the envelope

And Chinese writing... :) I have no idea what it says but I think that Chinese/ Japanese writing looks very pretty!

I've got also a postcard pal Kotona from Japan. We will write postcards every month during the year 2013. She sent me this cute Hello Kitty card! I have to admit that I love Hello Kitty and pink colour...

Stamps from Kotona's card! And as you can see from the stamp on the top and the card, it's the year of the snake now. :)

 I haven't written any letters after I started in my new job. I've got time only at weekends but this is the first weekend when I've got some time for myself. Two weeks ago my sister and her fiancé came to visit here and last weekend we had a support family weekend. I try to write at least 3 letters before monday!


lauantai 5. tammikuuta 2013

Mailbox happiness

Finally I've got a bit time to post my latest incoming and outgoing mails! And I promise these will be the last Christmas cards! :D My mailbox has been very happy lately! <3


Beautiful card from Janet (UK)! 

I think that the stamp is so cute!

Letter, christmas card, stickers and two tea bags from Monika (Lithuania)! Monika has got a beautiful handwriting!

And I got also a letter and a gift from Katy!
She makes calendars for her friends. I think Katy is very creative!

This is what I got from her:

Calendar and a pencil case!

And something from Russia:

Letter and a card from Anja!

Again some beautiful stamps!

 And a ticket glued to her letter! I love these foreign tickets! It's also nice how Anja sends me a list of persons from her postcrossing meeting. Anja, say "hi" to all of your friends who signed my letter!


Flowers and butterflies made from a tourist map

And something with lots of stamping on it...

Something has happened to my stamps. They have all disappeared somewhere! o.O So I had to use some of those christmas stamps.

I'm starting in a new job tomorrow and I have got long days so probably I will post my incomings and outgoings on fridays from now on.
I'm definitely going to take my new pencil case with me! And a new job is a good reason to buy new notebooks, right?? Because I just did so! :D

torstai 3. tammikuuta 2013

cute stamps

I mentioned in my previous blog post cute Hello Kitty stamp which I saw in a flea market. Yesterday I had to go there to see if the stamp was still there.

And guess what, it was!!

The stamps in the picture  were sold together

I also bought a pile of Disney stamps

I have also received lots of lovely mail but more of them tomorrow!