lauantai 5. tammikuuta 2013

Mailbox happiness

Finally I've got a bit time to post my latest incoming and outgoing mails! And I promise these will be the last Christmas cards! :D My mailbox has been very happy lately! <3


Beautiful card from Janet (UK)! 

I think that the stamp is so cute!

Letter, christmas card, stickers and two tea bags from Monika (Lithuania)! Monika has got a beautiful handwriting!

And I got also a letter and a gift from Katy!
She makes calendars for her friends. I think Katy is very creative!

This is what I got from her:

Calendar and a pencil case!

And something from Russia:

Letter and a card from Anja!

Again some beautiful stamps!

 And a ticket glued to her letter! I love these foreign tickets! It's also nice how Anja sends me a list of persons from her postcrossing meeting. Anja, say "hi" to all of your friends who signed my letter!


Flowers and butterflies made from a tourist map

And something with lots of stamping on it...

Something has happened to my stamps. They have all disappeared somewhere! o.O So I had to use some of those christmas stamps.

I'm starting in a new job tomorrow and I have got long days so probably I will post my incomings and outgoings on fridays from now on.
I'm definitely going to take my new pencil case with me! And a new job is a good reason to buy new notebooks, right?? Because I just did so! :D

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