torstai 19. heinäkuuta 2012

Incoming and outgoing

I got my first postcrossing card yesterday from Christa who lives in the Netherlands!

Here is the card and the nice stamp:

I also sent something; letters to my new friend Melissa to the USA and to Katy who lives in Hong Kong. I've been writing with Katy for years and she's fantastic! I'm always very happy to receive a letter or card from her!

This is what I sent to Melissa:

This is the envelope with address and stamp:

And here is the stamp a bit closer:

And to Katy I sent these:

And this is the enveope:

And the stamp:

I also got a birthday card from my aunt. She had put very lovely stamp on the card!
I love the Moomins and Little My is definitely my favourite- and here she is:

And almost forgot... This is what happened when I was writing to Melissa:

I often write letters when I'm lying on our livingroom floor. I had my laptop in front of me and I was listening to music at the same time. I got up to get some coffee (I'm a coffee-holic!). Well while I was away our 3 year-old Jack Russell male Eetu decided to take my place!

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