maanantai 29. lokakuuta 2012

Letters from Russia

I was looking for penpals from Russia and a couple of weeks ago I got messages via postcrossing forum from two girls; Anja and Ksenia. And today I received their letters!

At first here is the letter from Anja:

So many stamps!

And a beautiful post card :)

The background of the envelope had penquins! <3

And then Ksenia's letter:

And again some lovely stamps!

Ksenia decorated her letter with cute stickers and this strawberry was my absolute favorite!

And she also added some Russian bus tickets to her letter! These were great surprise! I have actually saved all of my tickets which I've got from my trips (like this summer in Estonia). Ksenia sent me her photo too. :)

And one more time the stamps:

I'm quite sure that these are from the same postage stamp set:

Thank you girls from your letters! I will reply to you both as soon as possible!


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