tiistai 9. lokakuuta 2012

Mail to the USA

This blog has been a bit quiet lately... I've been busy with other things in my life so I haven't written much letters. I've taken  pictures from the few written letters but haven't had time to post them here. But I'm back on my mood for writing!!

Yesterday I wrote 4 letters to the USA.

There are only 3 letters in the photo because I wrote the fourth letter in the evening. Lovely girls Catrin, Lena, Sam and Melissa hopefully will get their letters soon! I heard a while ago that the letter in the July's last post to Elena (in Bulgaria) never arrived. :(

I have to post some stamps from the letters here!

These has been one of my favourites! I have used all of these already! The shape of the stamp is really like that, my camera didn't distort the stamp! :D

And this is what Catrin's letter looked like! I love all of the stamps, priority- and air mail labels!

And lovely stamp from Melissa's letter:

Okay, I have to admit that I loved the Bonsai stamps too...

I replied to Nienke in the Netherlands week or two ago so this is late, but this picture fits well in the topic:

The stamped text on the left! I don't know a single word from Holland but it isn't difficult to guess what that text means! :) Yesterday I got a reply from Nienke and I had to buy something for her! But more of that later...

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