sunnuntai 16. joulukuuta 2012

Lovely cards

I love all kinds of post cards! I've collected for example view cards, vintage cards, postcards with dogs (when I was a child), recipes (I love baking and cooking) and James Dean (he's been my favourite actor since I saw a rebel without a cause when I was 16).

I also love Christmas cards! And I thought that I post all our received cards here this year!

For so far we have got 2 of them:

First one is from Nienke who with I've been writing letters since summer. :) And Nienke shares my love for baking! :D I think that this Christmas card is so cute! I love the colours! Thank you Nienke for this lovely card! :)

And the other is from my cousin Merja who lives in Turku- a beautiful old (actually the oldest) city in the western coast of Finland.
There are a bobcat and a gnome in a snowy forest in Merja's card. So beautiful and full of warmth!

I think that this gnome isn't one santa's helpers. At the old times we had lots of different kinds of gnomes here in Scandinavia (or people thought so). We had for example gnomes who did live in saunas, mills, kilns, cowsheds, stables, in people's homes or in the woods. People thought that these gnomes will bring good luck to the house. For that reason people wanted to keep the gnomes happy and satisfied and for example left a bit food for them and the last steams in sauna.
And actually there is a gnome living in the castle of Turku too! :D

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