torstai 20. joulukuuta 2012

Still Christmas mail

Today's and yesterday's Christmas cards:

Yesterday: The one with the gnomes and the other with the puppy came from my aunts and the one in the bottom came from my father.

Today: The one on the top (with kittens and a dog) is sent by my friend and the one in the bottom (with a dog too) is from my aunt. In the picture is my cousin's dog.

An outgoing letter to Ria with Christmas fairies:

And some shoppings:

Letters in a bottles. I like to send these to my friends but I'm not sure if they're selling these in the post office anymore. I saw these two and I had to buy them!

This is my favourite stamp sheet at the moment!

And an Enchanted Christmas rubber stamps from Papermania. These I found from a local bookstore on Tuesday (and these are the ones which I used in Ria's letter).

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