tiistai 18. joulukuuta 2012

More Christmas cards

These cards came on Monday


These three are from my aunts. I love the vintage styled card. It's beautiful!

This pretty one is from my lovely sister! I like hand made cards much more than the ones you can buy from the stores. That's why I try to make cards myself every year. If I don't have time for it then I usually don't send any cards.

I also got something else:

A big package with a letter and a Christmas card from my friend Jennifer from Korea! This year Christmas came a week early for me... :D I think that maybe I write a new post about Jennifer's gift.

Then the yesterday's mail:

 Letter and a card from Francesca who lives in Italy. I've been writing letters with Francy about 2 years now.

And a card from my fiancé's parents. They always send cards with dogs to us because we've got 4 terriers. :) None of them look like this though. :D

I've shown you the Christmas stamps from this year but maybe I could post a picture of last year's Christmas stamp too:

This one is pretty and actually a bit funny because this is the year (2011) when I started my knitting studies (I graduated this spring) so I have a house full of yarn balls... :D

The Christmas stamp needed a 5 cent stamp with it.

And I sent some letters to my friends with  this year's stamps. They needed a 20 cent stamp too. That didn't look so nice with the Christmas tree:

I wish they would have had something more winter-like... Instead of it they had spring stamps!

These ones are beautiful! The stamp is made of plastic and you can see through it. It looks pretty on the coloured envelope but all envies I had were white and yellow ones...

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