keskiviikko 19. joulukuuta 2012

Package from Korea

As I already told I got a surprise package from my friend Jennifer who lives in Korea.

This is what the package looked like :)

And these are the things that were inside! <3

2 Korean mask- keyrings

a magnet

a fan in a pretty green package

postcards with beautiful pictures from Korea

a Christmas card and a letter.

This was a lovely surprise! It really made me happy that there are so thoughtful people out there! <3

I'm interested in knowing what kind of things do you like to get from your penpals?
For example I got really happy when I got 2 letters from Russia (Ksenia and Anja). Anja sent me a postcard and a paper sheet where her friends from their postcrossing meeting wrote their names. And Ksenia sent me 2 Russian bus tickets. I love for example things like those. Tiny things which you usually don't get a chance to hold in your hands.

I hope you leave a comment and tell what kinds of things do you like?

Tomorrow more Christmas cards and some outgoing mail! :)

4 kommenttia:

  1. what a sweet package of goodness! :) the fan is so nice!

  2. Very nice and thoughtful mail. I like swapping notecards.

    1. Swapping notecards would definitely be fun!